National Board of the CPUSA meets Jan 12-13 on fighting the Bush administration

BY:CPUSA Internet Department| January 8, 2002

The Communist Party USA (CPUSA) National Board meeting aims to help elevate the struggle against the pro-corporate, anti-people agenda of the Bush administration. Sam Webb, National Chair of the CPUSA, says the Board will propose initiatives that ‘place the CPUSA in coalition actions with others, such as national demonstrations for peace and justice in the Winter and Spring.’

Major struggles we face:

  • Economic Stimulus Package: Bush hopes to use his new standing to push for stimulus for the wealthy.
  • Democratic & Civil Rights: The Bush Administration with Ashcroft, Ridge, etc. have launched the most concentrated attack seen in half a century.
  • Peace: Bush is now turning attention to new targets. A new military build-up gives an extra $20 billion to the Pentagon, with National Missile Defense (NMD) forging ahead, the administration hopes to project further offensive military power across the globe.
  • 2002 elections: Can play a crucial role in turning back the reactionary administration. Drawing working class forces into the above struggles will play a decisive role in determining the election outcome.

In the coming months, the public will see their interests clashing with policies promoted by the Bush Administration, according to Webb. ‘Though partisan fights are back, and there is less reluctance to criticize Bush, the progressive movements need to take more initiative. Despite appearances, the objective basis to build people’s coalitions and win electoral and other victories is greater now than we’ve seen in recent decades.’

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