Party Builder 19 March 2001

BY:CPUSA Organizing Department| September 22, 2001

Equality Conference

still time for the women AND men to get ready to attend the Women’s
Equality Conference in Chicago THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY March 24 and 25.

Please check out the Women’s
Equality Conference website

A van will
be leaving from New York City. To reserve your seat or for more
information, contact Elena 212/989-4994

22 Reproductive Rights Mobilization

Along the
same line….

National Organization for Women is declaring a state of emergency to
save women’s rights to self-determination and reproductive freedom. NOW
calling on activists everywhere to take part in a national campaign which

we will kick off with an Emergency Action for Women’s Lives in Washington,

D.C., on Sunday, April 22. The Emergency Action for Women’s Lives will

target the U.S. Senate to protect our rights and to stop the packing of
U.S. Supreme Court with antiabortion rights nominees. The Action will
two weeks of in-state lobbying during the Senate’s spring break from April

7 through 22. It will include virtual lobbying to inundate Senators with

e-mails when they return to the nation’s capital."

All clubs
are URGED to mobilize for this. Reach out to other organizations.
Reach out to labor to build for this demonstration.

April 22
is also Earth Day. The earth’s rights and women’s rights go hand
in hand. All the more reason to not let this day pass without making your


Pass resolutions
in your organizations and unions. It is of vital
importance that we have a MASSIVE turnout as this is the first anti-Bush

mobilization since the inauguration.

Start planning your local action or trip to D.C. now! See the Website
for more info.

March arose as a result of the conduct and results of election 2000
which has led to the emergence of a growing Pro-Democracy movement. Our

platform calls for a Voters’ Bill of Rights for critically-needed
reforms…" see the website for the platform!

New Yorkers:
Voter March will hold a general meeting on Tuesday, March
20, from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, at:
TRS Professional Suites
44 East 32nd St. (betw. Park Ave. South and Madison Ave.)
11th Floor, Room 1
New York, NY 10016
Tel. No. 212-685-2848

"On Saturday, May 19, 2001, Voter March will sponsor the Voter Rights
March to
Restore Democracy at the West Capitol steps, the National Mall, and Lafayette
Park in Washington, DC from 12:00 pm noon to 6:00 pm, along with a companion
March on the West Coast (location and date to follow.) We will protest

fraud and the disenfranchisement of voters that occurred in election 2000
the U.S. Supreme Court’s highly partisan decisions which usurped on the
of voters."

Stop the
FTAA Deal!


The Free
Trade Area of Americas (FTAA) is the next step in globalizing
corporate greed, not human need. The FTAA is an international business
that will increase corporate power while endangering the lives of the

millions of people who stand in the way of this money making scheme.
Initiated in 1994 by the 34 countries of North and South America (excluding

Cuba), the FTAA would create the world’s largest free market zone –
affecting 650 million people and trillion in capital. Governmental
talks have been accompanied by the business sector every step of the way

and their discussions of the dirty deal have been held behind closed doors,

under a veil of secrecy.

To oppose
the FTAA meeting of the Organization of American States in Quebec
City, April 20-22 2001, participate in LOCAL actions in your area, click

AND see the
LOCAL actions link
at the Jobs with Justice site.

Convention Reminder!

Our 27th
Party Convention
is coming up July 6-8, 2001 in Milwaukee.
Have you asked for time off from work yet? Got your plane ticket? Booked
your bus?
We suggest you arrive Thursday night, July 5, so you can participate for
full day on Friday.

The Constitution
Committee is Asking for Input!

In preparation
for the upcoming Convention, the Constitution Committee has
been meeting. If you have any proposals for amendments, please email Tim
or Judith


Don’t forget
to pay your dues/collect your dues! Don’t know where to send
your dues to? All dues are collected at the club level, but if you are
a member of a club yet, you can send them to CPUSA/Dues 235 W. 23 St.,
10011. (If you are a club and need dues forms, please email Carole.)

Our Website
is Even BETTER!

Have you
checked it out lately? You’ll find
a place to
join the online Pre-Convention
, links to our constitution,
the national calendars
and local calendars (does your area
have one? if so,
let us know so we can advertise it!),
these Partybuilders, and all the
latest reports.

See National
Chair Sam Webb’s report
on strategy and tactics

a deeply cynical maneuver, President Bush is citing California’s
short-term energy crisis in an effort to push through approval of long-term

oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, one of the nation’s

most important and fragile wildlife breeding zones. It is up to everyone

who cares about our environment to step forward and take action on this

crucial issue.

your senators
they must protect this national treasure!


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