What about worker coops?

BY:Bill Johnston| March 28, 2019


In Sweden if you lose your job you do not get turned over to the bureaucrats like we do here who just make out the paperwork to send you an “unemployment” check every month and never really line you up for future work.  In Sweden you go into either job training for another job or perhaps learn new skills or up grade for the job you lost.

In the U.S. there is no coordination of the state, local and federal programs claiming to have the jurisdiction for “job training”.

Also if a business shuts down shouldn’t the workers have the first right to buy it?  And shouldn’t there be a public finance system to provide low-interest easy-payback loans?

What about worker co-ops ???  We had a great tradition here in Washington State of worker co-op lumber mills (still a few around) before the corporate timber companies bought up all the resources that supplied the small mills with the help of the Feds and their export policies.  Timber to Canada and Japan but not to U.S. mills!

My Dad was a shareholder at Everett Plywood and Door (an owner). He was the mills pipe fitter (a worker) and for years the elected Vice President of the Board of Director (management).  He and my Mom raised 6 kids with that job.  Worker owned businesses can take money, profits and power away from corporate Amerika.

The working class can identify with programs like this … unlike the Liberals who dwell on ID politics that do not threaten the Capitalist Class or their wealth … just look at the Clinton and Obama Administrations. Wall Street loved them !

Good Luck !

Bill Johnston


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