Why I joined the CPUSA

BY:C. J. Starks| April 9, 2020
Why I joined the CPUSA


I decided to join the Communist Party out of what I felt to be necessity more than anything. In an age filled with disease and looming economic depression, I feel I have no choice but to throw my support behind the one party committed to working-class liberation.

With the current ruling parties, power lies in the hands of the rich and powerful, desperate to do whatever is necessary for monetary growth. This desperation manifested itself in the absolute disregard for elderly individuals during the start of the coronavirus outbreak. The consideration to put not just the elderly at risk but also those vulnerable to the disease showed me how morally bankrupt both capitalist parties are. They can’t help it either; capitalism finds itself unable to both care for its people and make a profit. The measures that must be implemented would kill capitalism; thus there is no clear path forward with either the Republicans or Democrats.

This truth is now more clear than ever. This is why I chose to become a member of the Communist Party, whose platform and demands are what is necessary to save American lives and get through the crisis as humanely as possible. With over 100 years of fighting for working-class liberation in the heart of the empire, the CPUSA distinguished itself to me by its long and beautiful history as well as its cadre that has proven dedicated to the issues of the American proletariat. This long-standing dedication and tradition of service is what I think America needs right now.

It appears that the future is running toward us with the same options we’ve been given before. We can continue to embrace a system dedicated to profit and eventual fascism. Or we can embrace a world where people are put at the forefront. These options are especially stark today, when the inequality of class society is most prevalent and millions of Americans face the prospect of losing homes, jobs, and their lives while Wall Street thrives.

Two things remain for sure. The specter of communism did not die in 1991; it continues to haunt the ruling class the most it has in a long time. And our options remain the same as they did in 1919 when Rosa Luxemburg proclaimed them: socialism or barbarism.


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