Is this the year of the socialists?

BY: Scott Hiley| January 31, 2017
QWith Donald Trump as president and the left growing more and more discontent with the democratic party, could the CPUSA have a position to make gains in support? The election of Trump has angered millions of people. And the Failure of the DNC has angered many of its base. Could this division in the left and election of Trump actually be good for the CPUSA? If so, are there any plans for recruting drives and rallies? Could this become the year of the socialists? Thanks from an aspiring marxist speaker :)
AThanks for your question, and glad to hear you're getting involved.

From CPUSA's perspective,  the only competition that matters right now is the struggle between those who support democracy and those who would destroy it.   We're not trying to woo voters or activists away from the Democratic Party; we're not trying to score points against other political organizations or get our name in the news.  We want everyone engaged in the struggle against the Trump/GOP agenda.  That engagement might be through the Democratic Party, or through an issue-focused campaign, or through a socialist organization, or a labor union...  There are many paths into the struggle.

As to your other idea, that the election of Donald Trump might benefit CPUSA or other Left organizations, I think we have to make a distinction.  The election of Donald Trump has made the work of CPUSA more crucial and perhaps more visible; it has highlighted the need for unity and mobilization in working class and democratic struggle.  We are proud to contribute to that work, as we have since our founding in 1917.  Part of our contribution involves building the Communist Party, actively recruiting and developing members to take part in mass struggle against Trump's reactionary regime.

On the other hand, we absolutely cannot say that Trump's election benefits CPUSA, or anyone else in the fight for democracy.  As Marx and Engels said, "Communists have no interests aside from those of the working class as a whole."  How could we see something that endangers workers and oppressed people as any kind of a step forward for our Party?

Best of luck as you get involved in the movement.  Remember, our greatest weapon in the fight against capitalism is unity.  Anything that divides us, makes us weaker.


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