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After looking at your membership application, I get the impression you only want people that will pound the pavement and...

Hi, and thanks for your question. We took it up at the end of our weekly broadcast, Good Morning Revolution. You can watch the episode here. The power of the...

BY: Communist Party USA| March 17, 2023
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What is the party's position on economic planning? Obviously you support a planned economy, but is it required that party members support a specific model of planning (for example, material balance planning or calculation-in-kind planning)?

We took up this question at the end of this week's edition of Good Morning Revolution, which you can watch on our YouTube channel.  Here's what came out in the...

BY: Communist Party USA| March 10, 2023
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Should people have access to information about socialist countries?

We’re counting on it! We would love, for example, for people to travel to Cuba and see that despite over 50 years of a crippling U.S. economic blockade, it still...

BY: Scott Hiley| January 20, 2021
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Is violence a necessary part of the revolutionary process?

Those who decry “revolutionary violence” typically ignore the fact that exploitative societies are universally characterized by the use of violence to protect the status quo.  The history of the United...

BY: Carl Wood| January 20, 2021
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Can we win people to our side without a rebellion?

Thanks for your question. There is more than one way to define rebellion. Too often, the common assumption is that revolution, rebellion, and resistance must be violent, or the violent...

BY: Marc Brodine| January 20, 2021
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