#WhoKilledJordanNeely: NY YCL Statement

#WhoKilledJordanNeely: NY YCL Statement


A previous version of this statement was released by the New York Young Communist League earlier this week.

Jordan Neely, a young Black man, was lynched last night in NYC. Homeless and suffering from a mental health condition, 30-year-old Jordan Neely, who is also queer, was choked to death in a subway full of people who cheered as it was happening.

The murderer — a white man, a coward, and an ex-marine who strangled Jordan Neely for a 15 full minutes — was then applauded by those who witnessed the murder in the F train subway car at the Broadway–Lafayette stop.

The entirety of the murder was caught on camera, leaving an unambiguous record of the crime and the criminal.

The cops further rewarded this white supremacist and psychopathic murderer by releasing him within hours of the crime. He remains at large and uncharged.

What the f*** is happening in our city? White vigilantism gets rewarded by the police? Can a man strangle another man to death on camera and get away with it in NYC? To all our elected officials: is this the kind of city you want for your constituents? We call on all our elected officials to do everything possible to help us fight for justice for Jordan Neely.

We demand the immediate arrest and charge of the murderer, and we demand a full investigation into the police who let him go. We demand a full investigation into the bystanders who applauded this murder with possible charges as accessories.

The people, the majority, the Black and Brown, immigrant, undocumented working class will not tolerate white vigilante murders in this city, nor will we tolerate the gentrifiers who enable their crimes. We will no longer stand by and tolerate the continuous murder of Black and Brown people. We will no longer tolerate the murder and mass dispossession of houseless people.

Images: Jordan Neely performing on the subway in 2012 (via YouTube) / Bronx community organizer and former city council candidate Adolfo Abreu speaks at a protest of Jordan Neely’s murder in the NYC Subway (Twitter)


    New York Young Communist League (YCL) is active in New York State.

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