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BY: Communist Party USA| September 22, 2023

UAW strike support, NYC climate marchers struggle for peace, temporary legal status for Venezuelan immigrants, and mailbag.

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BY: Ohio District| September 08, 2023

On Aug. 24th, officer Conner Grubb murdered Ta'Kiya Young, a young mother of two and pregnant with a baby daughter. The Ohio CP demands Grubb be fired and charged.

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BY: Noah Dollar| August 16, 2023

Three days of tabling and positive engagements with attendees of the Ann Arbor Art Fair earned the party new respect from many.

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September 2023


11:00 am

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En una acción histórica, el presidente Biden se une al piquete del UAW

La postura del presidente Joe Biden junto a los piquetes del United Auto Workers el martes, en el duodécimo día de su huelga, refleja un nivel de respaldo presidencial a los sindicatos que es el primero en la historia de Estados Unidos. Un presidente en funciones nunca se ha sumado...

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President Joe Biden joins striking United Auto Workers on the picket line, in Van Buren Township, Mich. United Auto Workers President Shawn Fain stands at left.

In historic action, President Biden joins the UAW picket line

President Joe Biden’s stand alongside United Auto Workers pickets Tuesday, on the 12th day of their strike, reflects a level of presidential backing of labor unions that is a first in U.S. history. A sitting president has never joined an ongoing strike, even during the administration of pro-union President Franklin...

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    After looking at your membership application, I get the impression you only want people that will pound the pavement and work the phones. I'm very much interested in joining the CPUSA but feel unqualified.
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    Hi, and thanks for your question. We took it up at the end of our weekly broadcast, Good Morning Revolution. You can watch the episode here. The power of the working class comes from its ability to organize and act collectively, and the role of the party is to help make that happen, to unite and mobilize people in the struggle for a better world. CPUSA asks every member to be involved in what we call "mass work," that is, political activity with forces outside the party. That could be a church or community group, a labor union or issue-based campaign; it could mean running for elected office or helping others do so. It might involve marching, door knocking, phone...
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