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Turning socialist dreams into American realities

Keeping the word “socialist” out of the conversation is proving impossible.

BY: John Case| July 15, 2021
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Tell the White House: “Hands off Cuba!”

Take action now: Demand an end to the U.S. blockage of Cuba!

BY: Communist Party USA| July 13, 2021
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Fear, white supremacy, and wokeness: Ruling-class ideology in crisis

The capitalism system can no longer hide behind American mythology.

BY: Joel Wendland-Liu| July 12, 2021
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CPUSA launches Summer of Struggle 2021

Summer of Struggle 2021 fights for voting rights, the right to organize a union, racial justice, and more.

German communists banned from fall elections

Echoing Germany's fascist past, the German Bundestag bans the German Communist Party from elections.

BY: Uli Brockmeyer| July 9, 2021
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