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How to defeat a (right-wing) mass movement

Today's political scene is defined by countervailing mass movements.

BY: Joe Sims| September 2, 2020
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Engels: Political action as a revolutionary act

  Frederick Engels' "The Revolutionary Act: Military Insurrection or Political and Economic Action?," his last introduction to Marx's Class Struggles in France: 1848 to 1850,  written in 1895 just before...

BY: Frederick Engels| September 2, 2020
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Communist youth in India lead massive relief effort

The Democratic Youth Federation of India provide massive pandemic relief through several projects in the State of Kerala.

BY: Peoples Dispatch (India)| August 31, 2020
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Contradictions of U.S. capitalism

Trump works on his golf swing, while the working class labors for less or not at all.

BY: Joel Wendland| August 31, 2020
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Why I’m not voting for my favorite candidate this year

This year, the stakes are just too high.

BY: Joe Sims| August 31, 2020
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