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Black August and the struggle for equality

Black August celebrates the history of protest against racist oppression in the U.S., and Saturday's March on Washington continued in that tradition of struggle for full racial equality.

BY: Lee Fazekas| August 30, 2023
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For the record: CPUSA statement on Venezuela

The CPUSA supports the unity of the world Communist movement, and of left forces against U.S. imperialism. We do not take sides in disputes between parties building socialism.

BY: CPUSA National Committee| August 30, 2023
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Paul Robeson: a praise song for the unsung

Paul Robeson was one of the most famous Black Americans of the early 20th century, but McCarthyism ended his career and attempted to purge him from history altogether.

BY: Taylor Dorrell| August 30, 2023
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Abbott’s deadly barriers at the border

Weaponizing the border, and using immigrants as political pawns, only adds to the death, injury and hardship that U.S. imperialism is imposing on migrant families' home countries.

Pressure building in unexpected quarters to end Ukraine war

The big business press associates struggles for peace with foreign subversion, but there are cracks in the pro–Ukraine war propaganda. Is there an opening for negotiations?

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