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Ohio CP: Ta’Kiya Young’s murderer must be fired and charged

On Aug. 24th, officer Conner Grubb murdered Ta'Kiya Young, a young mother of two and pregnant with a baby daughter. The Ohio CP stands with the family in demanding justice.

BY: Ohio District| September 8, 2023
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Ukrainian Communist Party leader arrested

Attacks on the Communist Party of Ukraine date back to the 2014 U.S.-backed “Euromaidan” coup.

BY: C.J. Atkins| September 8, 2023
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The laws of fascism’s emergence

Fascism is a form of monopoly-capitalist class rule. The fight against it is about building a force that can ultimately transition the democratic struggle into a struggle for working-class power.

BY: Joel Wendland-Liu| September 8, 2023
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On the Black agenda: housing must be a human right

Higher rates of homelessness among African Americans is closely tied to employment discrimination. Both must end.

BY: Karamo Muchuri Sulieman| September 5, 2023
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Marxist IQ: a Labor Day tribute

As we transition from a hot labor summer to labor's continued fightback this fall, what lessons can we draw from U.S. labor history?

BY: Communist Party USA| September 5, 2023
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