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UN Cuban ambassador: “Africa can always count on Cuba.”

On the eve of the UN vote on the U.S. blockade, Ambassador Yuri Gala López speaks on Cuba's relationship with African countries.

BY: Yuri Gala López| November 11, 2022
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NY activists gather in defense of Cuban sovereignty

A film screening on Cuba's role in the struggle for African self-determination brought NYC solidarity activists together with the Cuban ambassador.

BY: Jacob Buckner| November 11, 2022
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The people’s coalition stops a GOP wave

The anti-MAGA majority is prevailing.

BY: Communist Party USA| November 9, 2022
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NY coalition protests corporate backers of fascism

Fighters for democracy in NY put a spotlight on the Wall Street interests pushing a fascist agenda.

BY: Cameron Orr| November 9, 2022
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No to U.S. intervention in Haiti!

Haiti for Haitians, not the imperialists.

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