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Towards organizational renewal within CPUSA

We need to be training to regain the practical and necessary skills to rebuild a mass organization.

Fundraising, training organizers, & setting goals

Becoming good at organizing takes training, practice, and ongoing assessment and refining. As skilled organizers, we needed training and still need regular re-training and practice.

Organizing at the District level: Suggestions from the field

As Communists, we not only strive for democratic representation, we work to advance the national struggles of this country in tandem with socialism.

32nd National Convention CPUSA resolutions

Final resolutions for consideration by the 32nd National Convention, CPUSA

BY: Resolutions Committee| May 31, 2024
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A fetus on the dirt road: against imperial feminisms, claims of mass rape, and exploring the theory of sepulcherality

For the Palestinian people, and Mary Turner and her unborn child, to finally win a just peace, we must have a steeled anti-imperialists outlook and engage in militant class struggle.

BY: Khadija Haynes| May 30, 2024
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