Forward together: For pre-convention discussion

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Forward together: For pre-convention discussion

BY: CPUSA National Committee|January 29, 2024

Amid capitalism's deep systemic crisis, the socialist moments of the past must be combined with the class and democratic struggles of the present.

We are a political party of the working class, for the working class, with no corporate sponsors or billionaire backers. Join the generations of workers whose generosity and solidarity sustains the fight for justice.

Forward together — block and build against fascism

To thwart MAGA and deepen democracy, our imperative is clear: block and build against fascism.

BY: DC Young Communist League| April 17, 2024
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Class structure in the U.S.A.

Building unity requires relationships of equality, trust, mutual respect, understanding and shared common interests.. There is a constant need to reinforce and defend this unity.

To achieve unity, we must join the fight for decolonization

Decolonization is the defining issue of our time, and we can’t continue to ignore it.

BY: Ellie Samsal Chandler| April 11, 2024
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For a united front of socialists, unions, and independents against fascism

If we want to stop fascism in the United States, we must work with other progressive forces, and this election is an opportune time to reach out.

BY: Jen W| April 11, 2024
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A new world’s arising in the fight against imperialism

International solidarity and anti-imperialist developments have created the potential for an accelerated global socialist moment.

For democracy. For equality. For socialism. For a sustainable future and a world that puts people before profits. Join the Communist Party USA today.