100 years later: What did Lenin give to the world?

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100 years later: What did Lenin give to the world?

BY: Joe Sims|January 30, 2024

Lenin's contributions to the development of Marxism remain indispensable to today's struggles for democracy, peace, and socialism.

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SACP on the South African election

SACP Central Committee statement evaluating recent South African elections.

CP National Committee says “Keep your eyes on the prize”

Project 2025 will not by itself usher in fascism. It will be the struggle over Project 2025’s implementation that will determine the shape of things to come.

BY: Joe Sims| July 22, 2024
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Twin Cities comrades at Pride

Report on Twin Cities Club and the Minnesota-Dakotas District CPUSA participation in three pride events.

What is “political violence”?

Political violence is not limited to elected officials, it is a plague on the lives of workers and oppressed peoples in the U.S.

BY: Jim Leon| July 16, 2024
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Mass protest, not individual acts of violence, builds social change

Engaging millions in mass protest, not violence, is the path to social change

BY: Communist Party USA| July 15, 2024
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