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Interview with the Iraqi Communist Party

Raid Fahmi is a member of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party. He represented the ICP at the International Meeting of Communist and Workers Parties in Athens, Greece...

July 18, 2003
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CPUSA National Committee Resolution on the 2004 Elections

The Communist Party USA meeting in New York City June 28-29, 2003 concluded that the most urgent task facing the working class and its allies in the next 17 months...

July 11, 2003
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International meeting of Communist and Workers Parties, Athens, Greece

Fifty-nine communist and workers' parties met in Athens, Greece June 19-20 to exchange views on the Bush Doctrine of unending war. The parties also shared a diversity of experiences of...

July 8, 2003
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The future of humanity is at stake

The impact of a larger Communist Party on the struggles for peace and justice would be critical and significant. Our Party has to give constant attention to building itself, its...

The Meaning of May Day

May Day, much like other holidays, is an occasion to break bread with family and friends in a festive atmosphere. Who in their right mind could be against that? What...

May 8, 2003
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