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Opinions on Fidel Castro’s resignation

The following are opinions from members of The Young Communist League, and the Communist Party USA on Fidel Castros resignation and impact. Youtube just honored this video - it's #50...

BY:| February 20, 2008
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Labor Upfront! Feb 1 2008

In This Newsletter: Economic Stimulus Plan Action Alerts: UE, CLUW, CWA Dangers of Columbia Free Trade Support the Mexican Miners LA Security Workers Victory Portland School Workers Fight Back Don't...

February 16, 2008
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CPUSA New National Headquarters!

The Most popular video so far from the CPUSA: The new national headquarters of the Communist Party USA! This is a first in a series premiering the new CPUSA HQ!...

BY:| February 9, 2008
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Super Tuesday Coverage

For Super Tuesday election coverage, check out the Super Tuesday blog posts from writers and readers of People's Weekly World and Political Affairs.

February 7, 2008
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Jarvis Tyner: Black History and Democracy

February is Black History Month. Communists have always emphasized the importance of the African American people to the struggles for basic social change in this country from Slavery to Civil...

February 1, 2008
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