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Protest Actions Greet Latest Occupation Atrocities

The reports from occupied Ramallah speak for themselves. The live reports I receive by phone or e-mail from friends and colleagues in Ramallah, Bir-Zeit, Tulkarm and other Palestinian cities are...

BY: Hans Lebrecht| April 3, 2002
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C-SPAN features this web site

On March 30th, 2002, C-SPAN's Washington Journal featured the CPUSA website,, in an interview of CPUSA Internet Department Coordinator Noel Rabinowitz. Click here to see the streaming video of...

Take Action! Tell Enron to Pay Laid-Off Workers Their Severance

Thousands of Enron workers were laid-off in the wake of the company's bankruptcy. Take action to support a fair severance package for them. Click here.

BY:| March 30, 2002
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A Rogue White House

From The People's Weekly World: A spectre is haunting the world -- the spectre of nuclear war. Does this sound like rhetorical exaggeration? Perhaps, but the leaking of the Nuclear...

March 30, 2002
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Ken Lay and George Bush Dance Their Last Tango

The crimes are legion: massive corporate fraud, insider trading, price fixing, influence peddling, tax evasion, obstruction of justice. Already the signs of a coordinated cover-up are becoming clear. The first...

March 21, 2002
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