Cease Fire bulletin, issue 5

BY:Communist Party USA| February 16, 2024
Cease Fire bulletin, issue 5


Take a look at this week’s updates on the struggle for a ceasefire.

Peoria CP club joins coalition to demand ceasefire resolution

Members of the club joined the Peoria Coalition for Palestine on Tuesday in packing city hall and speaking to their local representatives. Despite turnout that topped the charts and major coverage from the local press, Peoria Mayor Rita Ali said that city leaders should remain neutral.

Detroit club members protest Big Tech’s Israel investments

Targeting Google and the Michigan-Israel Business Accelerator, the No Tech For Apartheid action highlighted big business complicity with fascism.

Hamtramck, Mich., becomes first U.S. city to pass ‘Move the Money’ resolution

Community members successfully put their city on record calling on Congress and the president to shift funds away from military spending and toward social needs.

Fargo Human Rights Commission to send Gaza cease-fire resolution to city leaders

First brought to the commission by community activists, the resolution also calls for humanitarian aid to Gaza, ending U.S. military support for Israel until it complies with international law, and releasing civilians held on both sides of the crisis.

A Pilgrimage for Peace from Philly to D.C. is underway

Hundreds of people have joined the coalition of faith leaders, activists, and artists for the multiday journey to call for a ceasefire, the release of all hostages, and unrestricted humanitarian aid. Today, they are marching from Wilmington to Newark in Delaware.

African Methodist Episcopal Church Council of Bishops calls for immediate withdrawal of financial support from Israel

The statement calls for “an immediate and permanent ceasefire” and negotiations.

59 cities and counties have now called for a ceasefire.

Lansing, Mich., Madera, Calif., Medford, Mass., and Union City, N.J., are among the most recent cities to issue the call. In addition, nine State and County Democratic Party Committees have called for a ceasefire, including the Arizona, Hawai’i, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington State Democratic Parties.

National political support

68 members of Congress, including 5 Senators, have called for a ceasefire or cessation of hostilities. Of those, 18 are co-sponsors of Rep. Cori Bush’s resolution. Are your Senators and Reps. signed on? If not, call them today and every day!

State and local electeds

Close to 300 state and local elected officials have urged Biden to immediately call for a permanent ceasefire. Are your local elected officials on the list? If not, tell them to sign on today at bit.ly/CeasefireNowLetter.


More news on the struggle for peace from CPUSA and People’s World.

Got more news and photos to share?

Send more reports and pictures showing local party and YCL involvements in the struggle for a ceasefire to editors@cpusa.org.

Images: CPUSA, Peoria club; CPUSA, Detroit club (Instagram); Jim Rine of Veterans for Peace testifies in support of the resolution before the Hamtramck City Council by Daniel Hopkins (People’s World); Fargo Human Rights Commission unanimously votes for a ceasefire resolution (Screenshot of CODEPINK video on Twitter/x); Pilgrimage for Peace on day 2 by Pilgrimage for Peace (Instagram); Press Conference with Bishops of the AME Church by AME Church (Instagram); Lansing for Palestine at Michigan State Capitol Building by Lansing for Palestine (Facebook); Vigil recognizing lives lost in Palestine and Israel by Rep. Cori Bush (Twitter/X); State and local elected officials urge Biden to call for a permanent ceasefire by JVP Action


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