CPUSA teleconference: 2011 elections victories set stage for struggles ahead

BY:Sam Webb| November 10, 2011
CPUSA teleconference: 2011 elections victories set stage for struggles ahead

Voters went to the polls Nov. 8 and decisively repudiated Republican Tea Party extremist assaults on collective bargaining, immigration reform, reproductive rights, gay and lesbian rights and right to vote in several states. 

This was a powerful statement and will help to further change the debate across the country away from the Tea Party anti-government attacks and talk of deficit reduction and more against corporate greed and taxing the rich.

This development is connected to the growing Occupy Movement and reflects the power of the 99% when united and in action. If the labor-led people’s movement can build on the election results, it can have an important impact on the outcome of the 2012 elections.

Join us Tuesday, November 15 for the next Communist Party USA national teleconference. The subject is:

2011 elections victories set the stage for the struggles ahead

Rick Nagin, chair of the Communist Party of Ohio and a leading grassroots organizer in the epic movement to repeal the anti-collective bargaining law SB 5, who will the lead the discussion..

The next national teleconference is:

 Tuesday, November 15, 8 pm eastern, 7 pm central, 5 pm pacific

Teleconference number: 605-475-4850

Access code: 1053538#

Here are some links to PeopleWorld.org election coverage including Rick Nagin’s analysis of the Ohio election results:

Ohio celebrates: union busting Ohio bill goes down by landslide: click here.

PeoplesWorld.org editorial: Labor-community power thwarts GOP-corporate agenda: click here.

Roberta Wood radio interview:

Also, we want to share an excellent radio interview recently with CPUSA leader Roberta Wood about the Occupy Movement that reflects growing interest in what our Party has to say: click here.


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    Sam Webb is a member of the National Committee of the Communist Paryt USA. He served as the party's national chairperson from 2000 to 2014. Previously he was the state organizer of the Communist Party in Michigan. Earlier, he was active in the labor movement in his home state of Maine.

    He is a public spokesperson for the CPUSA, and travels extensively in the U.S. and abroad, including trips to South Africa, China, Vietnam, and Cuba where he met with leaders of those countries.

    Webb currently resides in New York City, graduated from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia and received his MA in economics from the University of Connecticut.


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