Are we hiring spies?

BY: Scott Hiley| January 20, 2021
Are we hiring spies?
QHi, I recently came across your website and thought your organization to be very reasonable. I am a student in college and I was wondering if I could apply to be a communist spy. Any advice? :)

Thanks for your interest in our clandestine ops/espionage program!  Here’s how the process works.  You apply for membership in our party, then continue your education, look for a job, participate in non-violent political activity in accordance with your beliefs, and live the outwardly normal life of a regular human being trying to get by in a system based on maximizing profits rather than meeting people’s needs.  But get this: the whole time, you’ll actually be gathering and analyzing information on capitalism and sharing it with other members and allies of a legal, open political party that makes no secret of its goals or program.

You can report on your experiences under capitalism by submitting them as articles to the People’s World ( or the party website ( You can even develop a secret identity based around a pen name if you’d like.  You could be Eugenia Eagleson, a retired teacher from Naperville who’s concerned about the impact of climate change on her grandchildren. Or Larry “Big Jim” Hayes, a laid off mechanic who’s giving cello lessons to make ends meet until he finds another full time gig.

Or you could be yourself.  You’re part of a generation that has inherited a world in deep economic, social, environmental, and political crisis, handed the task of solving a bunch of problems you didn’t cause.  And that’s basically what all Communists are: not secret agents, not operatives of some foreign power, just average working people trying to save the world.

We’d love to hear your ideas on how to do it, comrade.


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