Do communists need a radical personality?

BY: Scott Hiley| August 1, 2018
QI always try to label myself in a political sense, I teach social studies for a living and HATE the Independent status that I have held since a teenager sometimes I think like a Republican and sometimes I think like a Democrat but the older I get and the more I continue learning about the Communists were thin independent status that I have held since a teenager sometimes I think like a Republican and sometimes I think like a Democrat but the older I get and the more I think of how a communist state just seems to make perfect sense I can’t help but think that it just seems like a natural way for human kind to move towards I guess my question is that is it possible for me to call myself a communist and even join your party in the future even if I don’t have a strong radical personality?
AHi, and thanks for writing in.

I'd say that if you think of a communist state--a classless, egalitarian society free of violence and coercion--as a real political goal, you've already got a pretty radical personality!

As Marx said, "Philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it." What distinguishes a communist isn't how loud they yell or how much Lenin they've read--it's that they get involved in the work of actually changing the world.  Sometimes, that means doing the stuff normally associated with radicalism: organizing sit-ins, carrying banners, etc. More often, though, it involves work that doesn't feel glamorous and revolutionary.  Knocking on doors to get a candidate elected, being active in your union or community group--stuff like that makes a real difference, especially when done in a way that builds unity and draws other people into the struggle for a better world.

As a social studies teacher, some of that work will be done in your classroom.  Obviously, your role isn't to indoctrinate your students. But you do teach them to read and listen critically, to think carefully, to value democracy and understand it as something that requires continual effort. You help students maintain an inclusive and equitable classroom environment.  These can be revolutionary activities, too.

Hope this helps!  Thanks again for writing in


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