What action does membership in the CPUSA entail week to week?

BY: Rossana Cambron| June 3, 2016
What action does membership in the CPUSA entail week to week?
QI'm particularly interested in knowing what membership would entail in terms of action and organization week to week.
AParticipation can take many forms, keeping up to date on current events, sharing our content with others on social media, with friends and family wherever possible. Taking time for study even if it is through our Webinar series and/or attending one of our national schools.

Some days Party activity can be as short as signing a petition that we are circulating, other days would be attending an action that helps workers win their fight for a better standard of living. Still others may include participation in organizing an action in your local area, much is determined on your availability, always in consideration with your personal life, with family as your first priority.

As a Party member you represent the Party wherever you are, you express the Party's view whenever possible, that too is Party work.  Always keeping mindful of expressing our ultimate goal, which is that of forming a just world where people don't go hungry, where people have equal access to their basic needs, where wars are not necessary to settling disputes. These are obtainable goals but people need to be a part of the change, and as Party members we are part of the process in showing how it is possible.

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