Against the U.S. Government Blockade of Cuba

BY: Florida District| September 21, 2001

Proposed resolution submitted by the Florida District to the National Convention of the Communist Party USA

WHEREAS: In 1959 the people of Cuba welcomed a triumphant Revolution that replaced the discredited and bloody US-backed Batista regime;

WHEREAS: The people of Cuba have since 1976 voted in free and open elections for their representatives and leadership;

WHEREAS: The vast majority of the Cuban people support their Socialist Revolution, their current form of government, and their right to sovereignty and self determination;

WHEREAS: The arbitrary and inhumane blockade of Cuba by the United States Government in an attempt to force the people of Cuba to change this form of government and acquiesce to the dictates of the US Government once more, is causing needless distress and privation of medicines, raw materials and other products available to any other country of the world irregardless of its form of government;

WHEREAS: The majority of the people of the United States feel that this blockade is ineffective, a waste of our tax dollars that could be put to use helping improve schools and provide adequate health care for our people, and is both inhumane and in violation of not only several US laws, but international conventions as well;

WHEREAS: Despite this cruel blockade the Cuban people have one of the highest rates of literacy in the world; provide universal healthcare and education through university level for its people free of charge;

WHEREAS: Cuba has helped other nations with tens of thousands of doctors to assist in providing adequate healthcare for their people;

WHEREAS: Cuba’s life expectancy and infant mortality rates are on par with the most developed countries of the world;

WHEREAS: Cuba’s biotechnology industry has developed medicines that are being successfully used in other countries of the world to save lives, but are unavailable here;

WHEREAS: Cuba has proved highly successful in the areas of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy sources;

WHEREAS: Biodiversity is an essential cornerstone in Cuba’s national development plans;

WHEREAS: Cuba has more than 30,000 family doctors, 133 scientific research centers staffed by thousands of professionals holding Masters and Ph.D.’s;

WHEREAS: The HIV rate in Cuba is 0.03% vs this country’s rate of 0.6%;

WHEREAS: There in Cuba are no homeless, no children forced to beg for their daily bread in the streets; no street gangs; shooting of workers at their offices or work centers; no children killing children in their schools;

WHEREAS: Social reeducation work is done with prisoners and their families to help reintegrate people into society as productive citizens and reduce recidivism;

And WHEREAS: Even the US attempt in the United Nations to play its annual game of “condemning” Cuba for human rights violations has once again proved a miserable failure, with the UN passing a resolution in Geneva of 12 to 10 with 10 abstentions “criticizing Cuba for Civil Rights violations”, with even the Czech Republic that introduced the resolution saying that the US Blockade was wrong;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that we call on the National Convention of the Communist Party USA to join with the people of the world in demanding the immediate cessation of the US Government Blockade of Cuba, and all the legislation that bars free exchange between the two nations as well as US respect for the rights and sovereignty of the Cuban people.

Signed: National Convention of Florida, Tampa, FL, April 28, 2001



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