Bernie’s campaign ends, but the people’s movement continues

BY: Eric Brooks| April 9, 2020
Bernie’s campaign ends, but the people’s movement continues


I personally supported Bernie Sanders in 2016, and again in 2020. His candidacy represented hope for much needed change.

I am saddened by Senator Sanders’ understandable departure from the field of battle in the 2020 Democratic Primary. His clear, reality-based, call for reforms to meet the needs of working families, migrants, the racially and economically oppressed, Native American communities, women, and LGBTQ+ communities was a call to hope for many, elaborating a progressive agenda that changed the landscape of political dialog in the United States.

Elections make a difference, but regardless who is elected, it is the organized movement of masses of people putting forth demands that effect change. Sanders could never have implemented his programs without such a movement. “Not me. Us.” put the issue succinctly—and the need to build this movement is greater now than ever as our society spins out of control at the hands of an incompetent, reality-challenged administration.

Our fight to meet the needs of everyday working families continues to be pressing as bailouts for the 0.01% continue to flow from the Trump Administration and his GOP supporters, with little practical help making it to the working families in need—which is pretty much all of them. The objective need to implement social programs that put people before profits to address the fundamental health of all of us is highlighted by the current “shelter-at-home” response to COVID-19. Our society must guarantee health care through Medicare for All, and other core human needs through programs like Education for All and a Green New Deal, so that every person and family can live in dignity, security, and respect.

More than anything, the United States needs to look at the opportunity to build a movement around core subsistence struggles, dignity, security, and respect, as a fountain of creative energy and hope that can carry us into a new period of renewal and creative life as a society.

Let’s work together to build this movement.

This article appeared in Medium on April 8, 2020.


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