Columbus CP: 2023 wrapped

Columbus CP: 2023 wrapped


Over the past few years we have been building a militant, diverse, working-class club that has the ability to fight for progressive issues in our city and our state. In 2023, the momentum of those years brought us forward to help campaign for unions, reproductive rights, democracy, and against imperialism.

We want to take this opportunity to showcase our actions during 2023 and to call to action all of our members. Like and share our end-of-year recap on TikTok!

JANUARY: The Anna Hass Morgan Club continued to organize solidarity events for Starbucks Workers United unionization efforts here in Columbus. We also spent our off-time this winter studying the works of Kwame Nkrumah.

FEBRUARY: Members of our club and the Mike Gold Writers Collective worked hard to keep the national eye and conversation on East Palestine, Ohio where a train derailment and explosion spewed horrific chemicals all across the town and region, leaving thousands of Ohioans without a safe place to call home. Comrades also answered the call to campaign in Chicago for pro–community control of police voices in the elections to the Chicago Police Review Board, a first of its kind independent body that can now hold cops accountable for abuse and murder.

MARCH: In March, we demonstrated alongside community members to mark the 20th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The CPUSA is committed to building a mass peace movement that can prevent travesties like the Iraq War from happening again. We also took to the picket line to support Starbucks Workers United baristas, who went on strike to protest unfair labor practices, at multiple sites across the city.

MAY: On May Day, our work with organized labor and relationships with progressive Democrats helped our friends at the Freelance Solidarity Project get legislation passed at Columbus City Council to protect freelance/contract workers in Columbus (legislation only seen at that time in New York City, Los Angeles, and a few other municipalities).

We also had a communist kayak club outing and the Mike Gold Collective hosted a talk with the author of a new biography of Mike Gold.

JUNE: We tabled at Comfest again this year, a large three-day festival with music, food, and good vibes.

JULY–AUGUST: We fought alongside the Ohio AFL-CIO, reaching out to union members to oppose August 8th’s anti-democratic, anti-labor, and anti-women Issue 1. Our efforts to support democracy caught the eye of far-right pro-Issue 1 campaigners, who then tried to redbait the pro-democracy coalition — which failed, comically.

SEPTEMBER: On the heels of our electoral victory in August, we continued our support of anti-fascist coalition building by campaigning tirelessly alongside Planned Parenthood, Pro-Choice Ohio, Abortion Fund of Ohio, and Ohio Women’s Alliance to pass the abortion and reproductive rights amendment in the Ohio constitution. Comrades traveled to NYC to join the Climate March on the United Nations building.

David Hill, co-chair of the Mike Gold Collective, also traversed the midwest to cover the historic UAW strike for People’s World.

Even with a full month of campaigning for abortion rights, climate justice, and UAW solidarity, members of the Young Communist League made time to organize a picnic and play soccer.

OCTOBER: We showed up for solidarity at a UAW picket line and continued our campaigning around Issue 1 to protect reproductive rights.

At the onset of Israel’s ethnic cleansing in Gaza, we showed up to call for a ceasefire.

We also held a party for comrade Bruce Bostick to celebrate his 70th birthday and fundraise for People’s World.

NOVEMBER- We traveled a lot in November, making a trip to D.C. for the march for Palestine and to NYC for the 2023 CPUSA Peace Conference.

We organized to call for a ceasefire, helping to spark a movement of progressive Jewish activists locally. After months of canvassing and organizing for Issue 1, we held a watch party to celebrate the electoral victory.

DECEMBER: With the year ending, we announced a campaign to divest Franklin County funds from Israel Bonds and held a protest outside of the treasurer’s office.

The Columbus club of the Communist Party needs your help to build the united front against the exploitation caused by capitalism and the rising tide of fascism. The road to socialism can only be built by a diverse and progressive party. Make your voice heard by standing together with us in this struggle. If you aren’t a member, join the Party! If you are a member, get involved! We understand some members may have demanding schedules, if you are not able to get involved locally then we encourage you to pay Party dues in order to support our actions.

Here’s to another year of struggle, comrades!

Images: CPUSA Columbus club


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