Communist Party Resolves: Build united action against racism and for unity

May 27, 2010

Build united actions against racism and for unity of the working class and people’s movement

Whereas, At this 29th Convention of the Communist Party USA we continue our long and proud commitment to work for the complete elimination of racism from the economic, social and political life of our nation.  Today that struggle is even more critical;

Whereas, After the election of Barack Obama, a new racist offensive was launched led by the extreme right. They are out to reverse their defeat in the last presidential election by splitting the working class and the democratic forces.  They are using new as well as hardened institutionalized forms of racism to place responsibility for the economic crisis on African Americans, Latinos, immigrants, and the poor. This heightened racism is aimed at Middle Eastern peoples, Asian-Pacific Islanders, people of Caribbean descent and Native American Indians as well;

Whereas, They are using racism to disrupt the administration of the first African American president and derail the most positive aspects of his program. This is not only an attack on people of color.  It is an attack on democracy and the working class as a whole. The Tea Party especially is consciously heightening racial tensions and giving encouragement to the most violent racist elements. It must not be tolerated;

Whereas, Throughout the history of our nation the struggle of racial minorities for liberation has had an enormous impact on strengthening and advancing democratic rights for all.  The entire labor and progressive movements including our Party have made their greatest gains when the fight against racism was on the offensive; and

Whereas, We welcome and join in the new broad anti-racist movements that have been organized in response to passage of the Arizona law that legalizes racial profiling.  We are also alarmed at the deep going economic and social problems growing out of the urgent economic conditions in Black and Latino communities.  The new anti-racist pro-democratic upsurge has opened a new chapter in the struggle for real democratic change.  Labor, civil rights, immigrant rights, human rights, religious, peace, and social justice organizations are uniting against racism;

Whereas, On May Day 2010, this powerful multi-racial movement mobilized hundreds of thousands across the country, building unity as part of the fight for jobs, immigrant rights, peace and relief for Main Street, not Wall Street; therefore, be it

Resolved, That the Communist Party USA reaffirms that the struggle against racism and national oppression is essential to the struggle of the working-class for democracy and socialism;

That all Communists and especially white Communists have a special responsibility to win white workers and people generally to understand the purpose of the new forms and the entrenched nature of old forms of racism and to reject this extremely harmful set of ideas and practices;

That we must step up our efforts in the fight against racism and work for a greater Communist Party presence in Black and Latino communities. This includes the reintroduction of our triple concentration policy of special national, state and local efforts in specified key communities; and

That the struggle against racism includes combating anti-immigrant hysteria, building unity between native-born and immigrant workers, and fighting for progressive reform of US immigration laws that protects the rights and interests of all workers; and

That as we advance the struggle to defeat the right in the coming election and for jobs, peace and justice, we will do everything we can to build Black, Brown and white unity including united actions against new and institutionalized forms of racism.

Resolution adopted by the 29th National Convention of the Communist Party USA, New York, NY May 21-23, 2010.


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