Greetings from the Communist Party of Malta

BY: Communist Party of Malta| June 13, 2014

The Communist Party of Malta sends warm fraternal greetings to all our comrades from the Communist Party of the United States of America meeting at the 30th National Convention in Chicago.

Communists in Malta who had to work underground  during the duration of  British Colonialism which was aided by the ever watchful eyes of its servant the Catholic Church , who did its utmost so that communist classic literature like works Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, and Vladimir  Lenin, never reached our shores. Can fully understand what it is like to militate inside the belly of the beast, where even to think was once a criminal offence.

Today although these conditions have changed in both our respective countries, we still have obstacles to overcome, in our struggles to change society, from the barbarism that is capitalism, into a humane society that is Socialism.

The Communist Party of Malta is of a firm belief that the deliberations carried out at this 30th Convention will be a step forward in the direction towards the building of Socialism. The road is very long but with perseverance and all our efforts, we will at last triumph, if not for us, it will be for the generations to come.

Long Live Socialism
Long Live Marxism Leninism
Long Live the Communist Party of the USA


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