Greetings from the Tudeh Party (Iran)

BY: Tudah Party of Iran| June 13, 2014

Dear Comrades,

The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran conveys its fraternal greetings to the CPUSA on the occasion of its 30th National Convention.

We wish the 30th Convention of the CPUSA every success in articulating strategies for future struggles and charting the path of future campaigns of the US working class for peace and progress.  The Tudeh Party of Iran is aware of the complex conditions in which your struggle for progressive changes in the heart of world imperialism takes place.  We are, however, confident that the dedication, commitment and steadfastness of US communists will pave the way for a qualitative change in the USA.  

Dear Comrades,

Iran is going through a very complex and difficult chapter of its history.  The impact of the eight years of reckless policies pursued by Ahmadinejad’s government which isolated Iran internationally, facilitated the criminal US policy of imposing ruinous sanctions and bankrupted Iran’s economy, is felt in every aspect of the lives of working people.  The carefully choreographed presidential election last June was only meant to enable the regime to break out of its isolation.  

One year after the Presidential elections, all indications are that the theocratic regime is incapable of offering a solution to the country’s economic, social and political problems.  

Dear Comrades

The Tudeh Party of Iran appreciates the consistent and active international solidarity offered by the CPUSA with the struggle of the Iranian people for liberty, democracy, social justice, and peace.

We would like to re-emphasise the commitment of Tudeh Party of Iran to depending and expanding its fraternal relations with the CPUSA in pursuit of the struggle for peace and progress internationally.

We wish your 30th Central Convention every success and salute you in your struggle for peace, progress and social justice.  May victory be yours!

Long live fraternal relations between the CPUSA and Tudeh Party of Iran!
Long live International Solidarity!
Long live Socialism!


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