International Greetings: Iraqi Communist Party

BY: Iraqi Communist Party| May 26, 2010

Dear Comrades,

We convey to you the warmest greetings of the Iraqi Communist Party, wishing the 29th National Convention of your fraternal party every success in its deliberations. We are confident that this Convention will enable the Communist Party USA to enhance its role in the struggle to defend the interests and democratic rights of the working people who are suffering the consequences of the ongoing financial crisis of capitalism, especially unemployment and poverty. The Convention will also contribute to developing left alternatives and united action of progressive forces against war, neo-liberalism and imperialism, as well as combating far right tendencies and racism, and promoting socialist ideas and goals. This is closely interconnected with strengthening international solidarity against the warmongering policies of imperialism and the onslaught of capitalist globalization, and the need to provide genuine support for ongoing struggles all over the world for peace, freedom, democracy and social progress.

Dear Comrades,

Iraqi Communists, together with the Iraqi people and democratic forces, are continuing their struggle, under difficult and complex conditions, to eliminate the legacy of dictatorship and occupation, defeat terrorism and sectarianism, bring about a speedy end to foreign military presence, restore full national sovereignty, and build a unified democratic and federal Iraq. The recent elections, conducted on the basis of an unjust election law that was passed in parliament by dominant political forces, have plunged the country into a serious political crisis, revived sectarian and ethnic polarization, and helped anti-people forces to escalate criminal terrorist acts. Such heinous acts have taken place on 10th May 2010 in Baghdad, Hilla and Basra with at least 110 people killed in a series of bombings and armed attacks. In the city of Hilla, south of the capital, 40 workers were killed and 250 other were wounded when three car bombs exploded outside a textile factory, targeting workers as they were leaving the factory. Iraqi trade unions have issued an urgent appeal to all international trade union fererations and workers’ organizations to condemn this massacre and extend support to the families of martyred workers. These atrocities and their perpetrators must be strongly and unequivocally condemned by fraternal communist and workers parties, as well as all progressive and peace-loving forces.

The recent barbaric attacks that targeted textile workers in Hilla have exposed once again the true anti-people nature of the so-called “Iraqi resistance” that claims to be fighting the occupation. It is made up of the most reactionary Islamists, remnants of Saddam’s Baathist fascist-type regime and gangs of organized crime. Among their principal objectives is stirring up sectarian sedition, destroying national unity, and sabotaging the country’s infrastructure. They have rendered, and continue to render, a free service to the American occupation by providing pretexts for its continuation and impeding the speedy eviction of foreign forces, achieving their complete withdrawal and eliminating the consequences of occupation.

Dear comrades

The present political situation in Iraq, compounded by widespread manipulation of the election process, has also opened the door for increased interference by external forces, especially the US and regional powers. It has exposed, once again, the real agenda of ruling and influential political groups; to maintain their positions and privileges, while the suffering and anger of the people is mounting, with rampant unemployment, corruption and poor public services, health, education and housing.

Our Party is determined to continue its initiatives to achieve unity in action of the democratic forces, and to transform the democratic current into an effective principal force in the ongoing intensified struggle over the future of Iraq. This vision requires greater efforts to involve the trade union movement and democratic organizations, especially those of women, youth, students and other civil society organizations, in mass struggles to defend human and democratic rights of workers and people. It is with this aim that the party took part in the recent elections last March, leading the democratic electoral bloc “Ittihad al-Shaab” (People’s Unity), despite a totally unjust democratic law, limited resources and blatant violations and manipulation of the voting process. This latter fact has been highlighted by the decision of the judicial appeal panel of the Electoral Commission to carry out a manual recount of the votes in Baghdad province, thus partially conceding to the demands of several political forces, including our party, for a full recount of votes.

To resolve the current political crisis, the Iraqi Communist Party has called for setting up a national coalition government based on a broad political consensus and a patriotic program, that puts the higher national interests of the country and people first and foremost, and abolishes the infamous sectarian-ethnic quota system. Only such a government would be able to face up to the political and security challenges ahead. The tasks of this government would include ensuring full withdrawal of American forces from Iraq by the end of 2011 in accordance with the Iraq-US security agreement.

Dear Comrades,

We seize this occasion to express our gratitude for the genuine internationalist support and warm solidarity sentiments extended by the Communist Party USA to the Iraqi people, democratic forces and our Party, especially during the most difficult times which Iraq endured following the war and occupation in 2003. It has been a unique relationship between our two parties, truly embodying the spirit of internationalism in the joint struggle against imperialism and warmongering policies, and for a better world that is free of exploitation, oppression, poverty, hunger, racism and war. Iraqi Communists look forward to further strengthening and developing this bilateral relationship within the framework of unity of action for joint aims.

Dear Comrades,

Despite the enormous challenges that lie ahead, the Iraqi Communist Party will continue to strengthen internationalist ties and relations with fraternal parties and all peace-loving, progressive and democratic forces and movements in the world, in the joint struggle for freedom, democracy and social progress, and in upholding the values of socialism and communism. This patriotic and internationalist spirit of Iraqi Communists has been clearly demonstrated in the recent May Day march and mass events organized by the party in Baghdad, Basra and other towns in Iraq.  

Looking forward to your continued support and solidarity. With our best comradely wishes for a successful National Convention.

The Central Committee
Iraqi Communist Party






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