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Principles for an emergency relief unity program

We call for immediate bold, transformative action to meet the emergency needs of the working class.

BY: Communist Party USA| March 5, 2021
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We’re not going back . . . forward together!

The CPUSA has always understood that without fighting against racism, we cannot pave the way for a more just socialist society.

BY: Rossana Cambron| March 5, 2021
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“Judas and the Black Messiah”: A review

Judas and the Black Messiah captures a veritable police state at war with an oppressed people under siege.

BY: Joe Sims| March 2, 2021
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Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet and veteran for peace

Lawrence Ferlinghetti, poet, publisher, and early veteran for peace, dies at age 101.

BY: Nadya Williams| March 2, 2021
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