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Housing for people, not profit!

Housing is a human right! But how can we win it? The PAC's subcommittee on housing provides a framework for organizing.

End all racist vigilante and police violence now!

Ending racist police and vigilante violence requires democratic community control of the police, and the repeal of all "stand your ground" laws.

No more billions for Netanyahu’s crimes

$3.8 billion spent every year propping up an anti-democratic government would be better spent on healthcare, infrastructure, and other human needs here at home.

Greens need to catch the peace train

From Connecticut's river valley to Vietnam, from Alaska to Ukraine, the destruction of people's living environment is inseparable from the dictates of U.S. war profiteers.

BY: Len Yannielli| April 10, 2023
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Understanding issues on the border: a working-class perspective

There is no militarized solution to the border issue. Working people need immigration reform that prioritizes the well-being of all human beings.

BY: Sarah Roberts And Jesus Jaime-Diaz| April 7, 2023
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