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We have our work cut out for us

Editorial This is a deeply divided country. Out of some 114 million votes, George W. Bush garnered just over 3 million more than John Kerry. Bush will claim a mandate...

BY: People’s World| November 6, 2004
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No mandate for Bush agenda

WASHINGTON Bruised but unbowed by labors failure to oust George W. Bush in the Nov. 2 election, AFL-CIO President John Sweeney told a news conference here that the movement will...

November 6, 2004
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The Most Important Battle of Our Lives

Report to International Conference of Communist & Workers Parties, given on behalf of the CPUSA in Athens, Greece, 8 - 10, October, 2004. 'As we meet here in Athens, the...

BY: Joe Sims| October 15, 2004
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The Republican campaign to suppress the Black vote

The Republican Party and the right wing are waging a well-financed campaign to weaken and destroy the impact of the African American vote. This campaign is in direct violation of...

September 30, 2004
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Setting the record straight: CPUSA position on 2004 elections

In the past month, several phony reports have been circulated by right-leaning papers and websites -- making various false claims about the Communist Party position on the 2004 elections... The...

BY: CPUSA Internet Department| August 26, 2004
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