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Keep the Pressure On: Oppose the Escalation of the War

Since Bushs announcement of a military surge of 21,000 US troops a month ago, a massive, outpouring of opposition has propelled Congressional action. From union leaders to religious organizations to...

February 6, 2007
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Communist Party USA Response to the State of the Union

The concerns of most Americans who find it harder and harder to make ends meet, and who want to bring our troops home from Iraq, were ignored by George W....

January 25, 2007
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No to Escalation! Bring the Troops Home!

March-Lobby Congress Jan. 27-29The Bush administrations call to escalate the war in Iraq has been met with a resounding No! Twenty-four hours after Bushs announcement about sending 21,500 more troops,...

BY: CPUSA Peace Commission| January 18, 2007
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Memo on Congressional Legislative Outlook on Iraq War

The Peace and Solidarity Commission prepared this memo for the National Board discussion on legislative priorities. Out of necessity, it is also an assessment of the Iraq Study Group (ISG)...

January 10, 2007
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US communist leader believes in Vietnam’s success

Chairman of the Communist Party USA expressed his belief in the success of the socialist national construction cause, especially how it is being executed by the Vietnamese people under the...

BY: Vietnam News Agency| December 13, 2006
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