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Learning to learn: theoretical and practical interaction with dialectics

Marxist classes of Hegelian dialectics would help inspire interest in Marx’s works, and convince our newest comrades of our kind of practice within mass movement organizations.

BY: Elias Moya| May 23, 2024
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Hello Comrade Project: Notes from Vietnam

The interconnected facets of politics, ideology, morality, organization, and personnel offer valuable lessons for communist parties worldwide.

BY: Wolfie Layne| May 21, 2024
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Petty-bourgeois radicalism vs. working-class politics

If the CPUSA can help popularize working-class ideas and approaches to struggle, we will help the working-class and all people make great strides forward in the battles ahead.

BY: Cameron Orr| May 21, 2024
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Why a Women’s and LGBTQ Commission?

Through the formation of Women’s and LGBTQ Commissions in districts and clubs across the country we can bolster unity within existing movements fighting for gender and sex equality.

Mexican-American/Chicano(a) identity and the fight for equality

Our Party has a unique role to play in relation to the fight for equality of the Mexican-American/Chicana/o communities.

BY: David Trujillo| May 21, 2024
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