A new war with Russia? Absolutely not!

BY:CPUSA Peace & Solidarity Commission| February 16, 2022
A new war with Russia? Absolutely not!


The following statement was issued by the CPUSA Peace and Solidarity Commission.

For the last two months the Biden administration has been shouting, “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” in a bold attempt to stifle public anger against suffocating policies by government and private enterprise.

The Biden administration has dismissed Russia’s insistence that the NATO military alliance not include Ukraine. Daily warnings that Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will invade Ukraine tomorrow, or before the Beijing Olympics, or during the Olympics, or after the Olympics should seem ludicrous, but the corporate media have gleefully regurgitated the assertions without question, expecting to shore up profits on war fever.

The U.S. and close ally Britain are sending weapons to Ukraine at taxpayer expense, while stating their own troops won’t fight a war against Russia. So should their desire for war come true, Ukrainians will be sacrificed in a bloodbath.

Importantly, much of the U.S. ruling class is promoting war mentality to bully us into accepting the new Cold War that is building a political, economic, and military wall to “contain” Russia and the U.S.’s chief economic competitor China.

The very great danger is that a misstep, accident, or intentional attack by the U.S., one of its allies, or its adversaries could spark a real war, with the U.S. on one side and Russia on the other, which escalates into an uncontrollable nuclear exchange between the two countries that possess 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenals. We face the greatest immediate threat to human existence since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The crisis then was solved diplomatically.

Both Republican and Democratic parties of big business are shilling for the oil industry. The U.S. is awash in fracked gas and oil while the Russians now possess a large market for their own fossil fuels in Europe. The Biden administration has threatened to shut off Russian sales with sanctions and a hybrid war, and then take over those markets selling more expensive fuel from the U.S. All to profit Big Oil and Gas. Bipartisan majorities in Congress seem to relish President Biden’s warmongering.

In addition to selling oil and weapons, the U.S. ruling class is working to shore up NATO, the aggressive North American and European military alliance that is actually an extension of U.S. foreign policy and a big subsidy to the military industrial complex, underwritten by the Europeans. They are increasingly aware that NATO is controlled by and acts only in the interest of U.S. capital.

The faked charge about a Russian invasion of Ukraine also distracts from obvious major failures in U.S. government and private enterprise: the disastrous response to Covid; the costly, bloody decades-long wars in the Middle East; the totally inadequate response to the climate crisis; massive student debt; underpaid jobs and unending poverty; antiquated infrastructure; criminalization of immigrants; continued racist police killings; the militarization of society as a whole; and increasing violent attacks on democracy itself. All in the richest country in history.

The world’s people contrast the visible decay of U.S. hegemony with increasing successes of global solidarity shown by socialist countries, despite the long-term economic wars that the U.S. empire has waged against them.

Existing tensions among Ukrainians can be solved through diplomacy by activating agreements like the Minsk II Accord that the U.S. and Ukrainian governments have sabotaged.

We must force the U.S. to respect the sovereignty of Ukraine, Russia, and all nations. We must force the U.S. to respect the UN Charter and international law. We must demand NATO retreat from Russia’s borders and ultimately be abolished. To create a just and peace-filled world, our people must demand diplomacy above and concerted and united political action from below.

In the last two weeks, the peace movement in the United States has awakened with local demonstrations in many cities against the warmongering. The peace movement needs to be broadened to include labor, people of color, students, and others.

The CPUSA calls for more public demonstrations, urges everyone to contact our elected Congressmembers, and send letters to the mass media: No to War for Oil! No to War on Russia! No Hybrid War! No War on Anyone!

Images: No war with Russia, CodePink (Facebook);  Green jobs, photo by John Nelson, CodePink (Facebook).



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