Greetings from the Communist Party of Albania

BY: Communist Party of Albania| June 13, 2014

Dear Friends!     

On behalf of the Communist Party of Albania we greet and wish you a full success during the sessions of the 30th Convention of the U.S Communist Party.Holding informative of this convention in Chicago City, where in 1886 about 80 thousand workers with demonstration against capitalist oppression and exploitation became the simboll of May 1st, the International Workers Day, ha a meaning of all communists and revolutionaries of all countries.     

Communist Party of Albania, the direct continuing of the Communist Party founded in 1941 by the people unforgettable leader, Enver Hoxha, is making all efforts to cope with the pressure and the revenge of the old and new bourgeoisie, which, in 1990 violently overthrew the government of betraying the people and restoring order suppressor of bourgeois-capitalist exploiter. In this fierce class struggle against oppression and exploitation, the Albanian Communists will be next to American working class and the entire international communist and workers’ movement for the inevitable victory of socialism and communism.

Once again we greet you and wish you success in your revolutionary war!                       

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Albania
Party Chairman Kemal Cicollari


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