Greetings from the Communist Party of Australia

BY: Communist Party of Australia| June 12, 2014

Dear comrades,

On behalf of the members of the Communist Party of Australia, I send warmest fraternal greetings to the delegates and guests gathered for the 30th National Convention of the Communist Party USA. The backdrop to the work of our Parties is an increasingly troubled and insecure situation for workers and other exploited people with a deepening crisis of globalised capitalism, new threats from US-led imperialism and a largely un-addressed climate emergency.

We wish the comrades gathered for the Convention success in charting an appropriate course for the CPUSA for the years to come so as to contribute with increased capacity to the fightback against our common class enemy. The years since the fall of the Soviet Union and the socialist countries of Europe have been characterised by a grab back of the gains made by the working class during many decades of intense struggle. Unbridled corporate dictatorship threatens. The devious, multi-faceted ideological assault from the ruling class is anti-worker, anti-union, racist and anti-Communist in nature. We must stand together in the face of this barrage and never fear to declare where we stand.

We look forward to hearing about the results of the 30th Convention and further strengthening the ties between our two Parties.

In socialism,


Bob Briton
General Secretary
Communist Party of Australia



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