Greetings from the Communist Party of Brazil


Dear comrades of the Communist Party USA, 

From Brazil, we send the warmest salutation to our comrades of the Communist Party USA, wishing the successful of your 30th Party Convention. We send this message to strengthen the friendship between Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) and Communist Party USA (CPUSA), and to share our opinions and strategies toward socialism. Receive our fraternal revolutionary hug from Brazilian comrades. 

Dear comrades, 

We are living a singular historical context, which demands an accurate analysis of the correlations of forces, to advance in our strategy toward socialism. In a framework of a great crisis of capitalism, the imperialist power is threatening peace. But in the world, there are new alternative experiences occurring, in especial in Latin-America, which is seeking a new way of a solidarity integration. 

Since the starting of the current economic crisis, in 2007/2008, the capitalist system is advancing faster than ever in concentrate yields, at the same that the mass of poor people are growing. This crisis is being paid by the working class, also in the so-called developed countries like the United States and those from Euro Zone. Measures of austerity are being announced frequently like cutting of social budgets, aiming to destroy the welfare state, labour conquests and social policies. The crisis is imposing suffering and pain to peoples. 

At the point of view of our Party, this is not a single crisis, but a systemic one. This crisis is spreading throughout the world and its consequences are still being understood. But a preliminary conclusion is possible: the international financial oligarchy is increasing their profits and concentrating more and more companies on their hands. It demonstrates that Lenin’s theory about imperialism remains current and valid. 

The financial oligarchy is behind the US imperialism. The military-industrial complex has a strong power of lobby, and it is an important tool of the financial oligarchy to impose to the world its project of “full aspect dominance”. 

Comrades, the US imperialism is now acting to operate “regime changes”. In the whole world, there are NGOs and international agencies working with CIA and US embassies to withdraw governments that do not attend its interests. These examples can be sawed in the Middle East, East Europe, Southeast of Asia and Latin-America, together with the power of the media that transmits a distorted view of the facts. 

In the Middle East, Israel remains with its racist policy of apartheid, attaching Palestinian lands, arresting political leaders and committing many different crimes. In Syria, the coalition (United States, European Union, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Israel) has been defeated by legalist forces, and the Syrian people gave a clear message in the national elections, rejecting the imperialist intervention with their foreign mercenaries. More and more voices in the world are rejecting the US’s “War on Terror”, which uses drones and executes murders throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. 

At the same time that Obama announces its “pivot to Asia”, threatening China and Russia. In Ukraine, a sophisticated coup was planned, aiming to extend the frontiers of NATO toward the borders with Russia, which is facing a siege of US military bases and an antimissile shield. US invested to remove the former Ukraine government, installing a puppet one in its place. The United Stated financed Nazi-fascist groups, supporting politically their criminal actions against Ukrainian people and working class. The image of the senator John McCain with Nazi leaders of Ukraine is clearer than anything. Thereby, the US imperialism is contributing to the growing of new fascist forces in the world. 

In Latin-America, Venezuela is also being attacked by far-right forces, demanding the fallen of the Bolivarian government of Maduro. In Colombia, while the social movements and progressive forces are working for the peace process, the far-right tries to return to the government in the elections, in a complicated scenario. Cuba is still struggling for the freedom the 3 of the 5 patriots arrested in the United States, the end of the economic blockade and the closure of the prison and military base of Guantanamo. But despite the imperialist boycott, Latin-America remains with the social and economic actualization of Cuban Revolution, and the advanced social experiences in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Uruguay, integrating these countries in new alliances like CELAC, UNASUL, ALBA and the expansion of MERCOSUL. 

Finally, in Brazil, the country has been attacked by international press, in an orchestrated campaign against the World Cup that spreads false news about the event, stressing a negative view of the facts. It is not a coincidence that just after this event, will occur in Brazil the 6th Summit of BRICS countries, which will announce the creation of an international fund and a bank of development of BRICS, aiming to counterbalance the hegemony of IMF and World Bank and using national currencies of BRICS countries instead of dollar in their financial transactions. The Brazilian elections in this year will be a dispute between the project of Latin-America integration and the alliance with BRICS countries, against the submission of US imperialism. Our party is committed with the first project, started by Lula in 2003 and continued by President Dilma Rousseff since 2010. 

Dear Comrades of CPUSA, 

You choose the subject of “People and Nature before Profits”. It’s a broad slogan, which dialogs with different sectors of the US society. We wish that you can create a movement to transform deeply your country, strengthen the union of trade-unions, social-movements like workers, students, women, anti-racism, immigrants, and all those who want to change truly the United States. The Communist Party USA is a very import tool for this objective! 

We want also to congratulate your Party by your 95th anniversary, remembering that the communist ideas remain current and necessary to a world of peace, solidarity and development to everybody. 

Long live to 95th anniversary of CPUSA and its 30th Convention!

Long live to the friendship between PCdoB and CPUSA!

Long live to socialism!  

Renato Rabelo
National President of the Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB) 

Ricardo Alemão Abreu
Secretary of International Relations of Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB)


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