Greetings from the Communist Party of Canada

BY: Communist Party of Canada| June 24, 2014

Dear comrades,

On the occasion of the 30th Convention of the Communist Party U.S.A., we extend solidarity greetings to delegates and guests, and best wishes for a successful meeting.

Your convention convenes at a difficult moment in the course of human social development. The prevailing system of capitalism/imperialism is mired in a profound crisis arising from the maturing of its inherent contradictions. Furthermore, every desperate measure imposed by ruling capitalist circles to overcome its consequences only serve to exacerbate these underlying contradictions, leading to fresh outbreaks and manifestations of crisis. Our Party is convinced that this multi-sided crisis, with both cyclical and structural features, confirms the historical limits of the present system which, at some point, must give way to a higher form of social development, to socialism-communism.

At the present time however, international finance capital is taking advantage of its favourable balance of class and social forces to unleash a ferocious offensive against the economic and social conditions of the working people – and especially against its most organized section, the trade union movement. This is accompanied by a serious assault on the political, equality and other and democratic rights of the people, and internationally, on any nation or people which resists imperialist domination and plunder. Finance capital and the imperialist states do not hesitate to promote religious extremism, right-wing populism, growing anti-communism and the growth of racist and neo-fascist movements to divide and neutralize opposition and resistance to their all-sided offensive.

In such difficult circumstances, the working class and people’s movements in Canada, the U.S. and many other countries have been forced onto the defensive and have suffered a number of political and social setbacks in the struggle for democratic and social advance, and for socialism. These conditions require that the revolutionary forces – in the first instance, the Communist parties – be especially vigilant in their political approach and actions to counter pressures to drift into sectarian isolationism, but also – and primarily – to oppose tendencies that would weaken or renounce our confidence in the revolutionary theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism, and instead seek refuge in a reformist orientation that accommodates itself to the prevailing system.

Now, more than ever, the unity of the Communist parties and revolutionary movements internationally is crucial and indispensible in opposing the drive of imperialism – especially U.S. imperialism – for economic plunder, environmental degradation, militarism and war, and to advance the cause of peace, democracy and socialism.

Comradely yours,

Miguel Figueroa
Central Executive
Communist Party of Canada


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