Greetings from the Workers Party of Belgium

BY: Workers Party of Belgium| June 24, 2014


Dear Comrades,

Please accept our warm salute and congratulations with the holding of your 30th National Convention, from 13 to 15 June 2014 in Chicago.

We in the Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB), as a Marxist organization in a developed capitalist society, have some first-hand experience about how difficult it is to fight against all odds, for years on end. We can imagine that the challenges facing the working class and the communists in the United States of America, with 27 times more inhabitants than Belgium, are even more formidable. Add to that the fact that the USA is also the major imperialist power in the world, putting all its military might at the service of its transnational corporations.

And yet, in times of intensifying crisis, class struggle and war, communist and workers’ parties are able to make significant advances if they hold on to a political and organizational line that provides answers to the people’s basic concerns. Over the past years, with the baseline “People first, not profit” and with concrete campaigns and actions, the PTB has been able to arouse, organize and mobilize more people than ever before, resulting in our first elected representatives in several parliaments in Belgium last month.

Based on its long history, on its working class basis and on the unity of the workers and the people, we are confident that US communists will be able to live up to the challenges put before them. We wish the leadership and the membership of the Communist Party of the USA success with its 30th National Convention and with the many ideological, political and organizational tasks ahead.

With comradely greetings,

Bert De Belder
Member of the National Council
Head of the Department of International Relations
Workers’ Party of Belgium (PTB)


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