32nd CPUSA National Convention

32nd CPUSA National Convention


Welcome to the pre-convention period of the 32nd CPUSA National Convention.



Main documents


Please review the following to engage in the pre-convention discussion:





To achieve unity, we must join the fight for decolonization

Decolonization is the defining issue of our time, and we can’t continue to ignore it.


For a united front of socialists, unions, and independents against fascism

If we want to stop fascism in the United States, we must work with other progressive forces, and this election is an opportune time to reach out.


Our Electoral Strategy is Grounded in Marxist-Leninist Theory and Practice

Our most crucial electoral priority at this moment in time must be to win a strategic defeat against the most reactionary elements of the ruling class.


Our position on Palestine cannot be formed unilaterally

PPP leader Aqel Taqaz said, “All Palestinian organizations … [are] fighting for a Palestinian independent state on the basis of the UN resolutions … within the borders of 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to go back home.”  It is our responsibility to help achieve this result. The first step is forcing our own government to accept and support an immediate and permanent ceasefire.


Communist media: the terrain is challenging, but we must build there anyway

A focused, tight, and centralized media strategy with a Marxist orientation is necessary to build on the increasingly hostile terrain of US media, both digital and otherwise. We are obligated to use all methods necessary to organize our class.


CPUSA must be a Party of militant anti-racism

Militant anti-racism is a part of our Party’s roots, grounding our outlook both historically and today. However, this rich history may be threatened by the contemporary version of the old Socialist Party assertion that fighting racism as its own distinct battle is extraneous.


What We Need to Learn from the Black Panther Party

By incorporating these strategies and drawing inspiration from past movements like the Black Panther Party, the party can enhance its legitimacy, increase participation, attract donations, and move closer than ever to achieving a united front, thus gaining mass appeal.


Strategies for organizational unity and action

By helping lead movements on relevant issues we will build a mass, revolutionary party. This, however, will only be possible when all levels of the party are equipped with the skills and tools necessary for this. Thank you for reading this submission, onwards to the 32nd National Convention!


CPUSA Peace And Solidarity Commission 2024 convention discussion

Two threats to the continued existence of the human family, and even the earth as a living planet, are nuclear war and climate scorching. These threats are linked. Addressing them is urgent.


For a one-state solution in Palestine, and other suggestions

Palestine is the site of the most important anti-imperialist struggle of today; Palestine is the Vietnam of the 1960s. Every single communist in the United States must — and with the most unapologetic, most comprehensive, and most unrestrained attitude — support Palestine. Palestine must get its liberation.


Our international party line

Our fraternal parties in Palestine and Israel are best suited to present analysis on the issues on the ground. Not only are they best suited, it is their right to self determination to lead the struggle, and it is our job as comrades to follow their lead.


Xenophobia: a 21st century vector for fascism

The Communist Party USA must do what it can to bring attention to and fight back against the fascist tactic of xenophobia and anti-migrant sentiment before it’s too late.


Let Us Renew the Struggle Against Male Supremacy

If the Party hopes to tackle the threat of fascism in the current political moment, it must take up these tasks, prioritize women’s issues more than ever, and renew the struggle against male supremacy.


The working class and the struggle for democracy

The working class and the struggle for democracy is paramount if we are to succeed in overthrowing the bourgeois class and instituting a society based on socialism.


For consideration of national oppression in our discussion

A call to deepen collective discussion on one or more resolutions regarding Mexican American Equality and other Latina/os


Environmental Crises and Class Struggle

The environmental crises the world faces are getting worse, fast, and are part of the general crisis of capitalism. We can build people’s movements to end this crisis now.


Preparing to end monopoly capital’s political rule by the 37th convention

The urgency of addressing climate change demands correspondingly urgent changes if we are to adapt. Recognizing the imminent threat posed by climate change, promoting a “socialism or extinction fighting orientation” and preparing our Party organizationally for dynamic political conditions barely scratches the surface of what we will need to accomplish over the coming years.


The party must renew its engagement with the healthcare for all movement

Comrades, it is our task as the Communist Party to direct the politically advanced sector of the working class which struggles on the front lines of the opioid epidemic into a revived national coalition to win healthcare for all.


Crisis of culture in the U.S.

Right wing forces are the main agitators of a “culture war” they claim to want no part in, and many socialists have taken them at their word. We must confront the current crisis of culture.


The only class that can lead the green transition is our own

Only the working class, in alliance with specially oppressed people of other classes, can lead the fight for the fundamental changes necessary to mitigate climate change.